Having an author visit your school is a brilliant way to generate a 'book buzz' among your pupils. I've been lucky enough to travel around the world with my events, sharing the unlikely story of how I became an author, and introducing young people to the mysterious and exciting adventures in my books.

My school events are designed to inspire all students, whether they are already passionate about books or are yet to switch on to reading. They aim to be fun and thought-provoking, offering many ideas for post-event classroom activities. I offer a variety of events, from an interactive presentation designed for school assemblies, to smaller creative writing workshops aimed at helping students unlock their imaginations. Visits are usually followed by a book signing, and the opportunity for students to purchase a copy of one of my books.


I am available all year round for school visits across the UK, but I am particularly busy Feb-March and Oct-Nov, so please book soon if you would like me to visit during those periods. If you are interested in having me visit your school and would like to know more, please email


You can also download some brilliant free teaching resources if you would like to use one of my books in your class.

For public events, check the calendar below to see where I will be appearing next.

'What a fantastic visit we had. The teachers and children were very inspired and enthused.'

- Thomas's Clapham, London


The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell

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