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Hello! My name's Jennifer Bell and I write books for children. Here you can find out more about me, enquire about an event or learn about my books.

If you have any questions you can check out my FAQs or contact me for further information.

Why not follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram to see what I'm getting up to?

Enjoy exploring!


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LEGENDARIUM Jennifer Bell 9781406391732.jpg


Legendarium is out now and available to buy from all good book retailers.

Legendarium cover.jpg
Legendarium cover.jpg
Legendarium cover.jpg

'Sharp, fast-paced and full of heart.'

- Elle McNicoll, author of A Kind of Spark

'A fantastic, futuristic adventure... more immersive than any video game!'

- Ellie Irving, author of The Matilda Effect

'The very definition of a BLOCKBUSTER.'

- Phil Earle, author of When The Sky Falls


'Legendarium is clever, fast-paced, action-packed, and lots of fun - grab your time-key and jump right in!'

- Sinéad O'Hart author of The Eye of the North


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