REVIEW: You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley



I love this fabulous new offering by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley. 'You Must Bring A Hat' tells the story of a boy who is invited to the 'Biggest, Bestest, Hattiest' party of all time. There's only one problem: he doesn't have the necessary hat. Thinking quickly, he finds a monkey wearing a hat and brings him along. At the party door however, security is tight and he is given a new requirement: the monkey needs a monocle to gain access! The entry rules then spin out of control in ever more bizarre and hilarious ways...


Kate Hindley's characteristic bright and quirky illustrations are so much fun to look at, with lots of added details to spot on every page. There's also a toucan in a cowboy hat and a piano-playing badger named Geoff. I mean, what's not to love?

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