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REVIEW: Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

I'm so happy that Bloomsbury have published this gorgeous new edition of Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin! It's a book I first read years ago, but always find myself recommending so it's great to see the publisher give it the attention it deserves with a fresh new package.

Elsewhere tells the story of Liz, a girl who is killed in a hit and run accident before her sixteenth birthday - before she's been to prom, had a proper job, fallen in love etc... She arrives in Elsewhere, an island where things are similar to real life, except that you age backwards and dogs and humans can communicate. Strange, but built with amazing details, it is an often thought-provoking place, beautifully described, As Liz navigates her new existence, she is able to experience some of the things she missed out on in life. Skillfully written, poignant and original with a powerful narrative voice.


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