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NEWS: Proofs Arrive!

Today I received a box of proof copies of The Crooked Sixpence.

It was so amazing to see my story printed and bound for the first time. I absolutely can't wait until children get to hold final copies of the book and start reading it; it's going to be the best. (Also...terrifying, but mostly, the best.)

Seeing a whole pile of books with my name on reminded me of something strange that happened to me years ago. I was at a book launch celebrating the very lovely, and super best-selling American author, Alyson Noel. Her publisher, Macmillan had organised an amazing party to launch Evermore, the first book in her then new ‘Immortals’ series. Evermore is about a sixteen-year-old girl who has the ability to see people's auras, and so the event was full of Evermore-related stuff to do like get a manicure with the colour of your aura, and drink 'immortal' cocktails. There was also a tarot reader there, and, as I'd never had a reading before, I got in the queue.

The tarot reader was a lady with bushy brown hair and a neat black shirt (she looked more like a croupier) who laid out my cards and explained to me what they meant. I can’t recall everything she said, but one part has stuck with me ever since. She told me that the cards were saying that in my future were piles and piles of books, all with my name written down the spine. I thought that was pretty cool at the time, as the tarot reader had no way to know I was an author - I hardly knew myself as I’d only just started developing ideas for the world of The Uncommoners.

It’s nice to think that it was always meant to be; especially when, for example, I find myself writing till 4am trying to get something finished for the next morning. I might be fighting sleep and time, but at least fate’s on my side.

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The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell

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