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NEWS: Cover reveal for The Crooked Sixpence!

I am excited beyond belief to share with you the incredible cover for The Crooked Sixpence!

'Ooooh!' I hear you cry. 'Ahhh!'

Yes, it's amazing. I cried tears of joy when I first saw it; I just couldn't believe my luck! Writers normally have very little input into what the cover of their book will look like so I was really anxious that it might not work.

The fact that it does work is down to two extremely talented people. Firstly, the cover designer Katrina Damkoehler who works for Crown Books, Random House US. Without her vision this cover wouldn't have the impact that it does, and I feel so fortunate that she worked on it. The genius illustration is the work of an artist called Karl James Mountford. You can check out his website here (you'll only be missing out if you don't).

Karl's illustrations are breathtaking. His use of colour is so effective; I love the way he captures the mysterious, magical atmosphere of Lundinor in winter with all those blues and greens and purples. When I look at the cover, my eye is drawn through the streets, imagining all the strange and curious goings on. Ivy looks like how she feels in my head - small, ever so slightly scruffy, sharp-eyed and curious, with a huge heart. How you manage to capture all that in a drawing I don't know. Thank goodness Karl does.

The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell
The Crooked Sixpence The Uncommoners Jennifer Bell

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